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Bend Beerstream – How we turned our Airstream into a mobile Beer Bar.

We started converting our airstream into a beer bar in August of 2015 and finished in June of 2016. When we first picked up the Airstream it was full of black widows and needed a new set of wheels. Our first steps were to completely gut and remove all of the old rusty appliances. You can see the rest of the process in the images below.

How we turned our Airstream into a mobile Beer Bar

The day we picked it up, August 21st, 2015.

Bend Beerstream

Abby found the airstream on craigslist late one night and the next morning we went out to check it out. We pretty much had to buy in on the spot, since we knew it wasn’t going to last.  Bend-Beerstream-1005Bend-Beerstream-1006

After getting the Airstream home we learned there were all kinds of things living in and on it. Bend-Beerstream-1007

My best friends, Josh and Chris helped us get it home. Bend-Beerstream-1008Bend-Beerstream-1009Bend-Beerstream-1010Bend-Beerstream-1011Bend-Beerstream-1012

The soon to be, Beerstream barely fit in our little driveway, but we made it fit. Bend-Beerstream-1013Bend-Beerstream-1014

Here are a bunch of pictures before we started pulling the Airstream apart. The interior appliances cabinets were pretty weathered. Bend-Beerstream-1015Bend-Beerstream-1016Bend-Beerstream-1017Bend-Beerstream-1018Bend-Beerstream-1019Bend-Beerstream-1020Bend-Beerstream-1021Bend-Beerstream-1022Bend-Beerstream-1023Bend-Beerstream-1024Bend-Beerstream-1025There was lots of corrosion on the exterior. Took a lot of polishing to clean it up, and a few panel replacements. Bend-Beerstream-1026Bend-Beerstream-1027

We were excited to see our first glimpse of some of that shiny Airstream aluminum. Bend-Beerstream-1028Bend-Beerstream-1029Bend-Beerstream-1030Bend-Beerstream-1031Shortly after we bought the airstream, Abby took a job in Bend, Oregon. We had to say a sad goodbye to our little home in San Luis Obispo, CA.

In December of 2015 we found a new home in Bend, with plenty of room for our project.

When we moved, my parents took the Airstream to Ridgecrest, where they have some land and a large shop filled with tools. Bend-Beerstream-1034Bend-Beerstream-1035Bend-Beerstream-1036



We cleared out all the old rotted cabinets and started from scratch.

The bathroom flooring was pretty bad and we had to replace the flooring.



We filled a couple of these trailers with all of the old parts. Bend-Beerstream-1045
Bend-Beerstream-1044We were pretty excited to find a couple of 1967 quarters between the seats.


Here’s a video of my dad, committing to, cutting out the bar door.

Bend-Beerstream-1037My dad has always impressed me with his ability to make anything and do anything.
Bend-Beerstream-1050One of the hardest parts was stripping off the interior vinyl, but we really wanted to expose and polish the interior aluminum. I don’t know what Airstream used when they put this stuff on, but they sure did a good job. Abby and my mom were awesome and put in a lot of hard work removing it.Bend-Beerstream-1051Bend-Beerstream-1052Bend-Beerstream-1043Bend-Beerstream-1053Bend-Beerstream-1054Bend-Beerstream-1055Once the interior was stripped, it shined up quickly.

One of our panel replacements.

My dad had been working on Naval Aircraft forever, and didn’t think twice about how to make a door. He traced the ribs we cut out, and made his own, for the door and to support the opening we made. Bend-Beerstream-1058Bend-Beerstream-1059Bend-Beerstream-1060


Somehow the door fit perfectly.

In the process my dad picked up a 1969 Overlander. He’s already started prepping it for the next one. Bend-Beerstream-1064

Here’s the products we used to shine. All from VintageTrailerSupply.com

It just takes lots of time, but the aluminum shines up. Bend-Beerstream-1068Bend-Beerstream-1069Bend-Beerstream-1070Bend-Beerstream-1071Bend-Beerstream-1072Bend-Beerstream-1073Bend-Beerstream-1074

We picked up our kegerator and barely fit through our bar door. Bend-Beerstream-1075Bend-Beerstream-1082Bend-Beerstream-1076
Bend-Beerstream-1077We coated the flooring with some garage epoxy.

We also picked up two 1/2 barrel kegs for our freshwater tanks. Bend-Beerstream-1085Bend-Beerstream-1086Bend-Beerstream-1087

My dad welded up a rack, so they can be removed, if needed. Bend-Beerstream-1088

My mom picked up this craig jig tool and it worked great. Bend-Beerstream-1089
Bend-Beerstream-1090Abby and my mom made some sweet benches. Bend-Beerstream-1092One of the most challenging parts was getting those airstream curves cut, it sure isn’t easy.
Bend-Beerstream-1091Abby and my mom worked so hard on these benches and they look great.
Bend-Beerstream-1093Abby and my mom also had to make a new shelf, which turned out amazing, and can be seen at the end.
Bend-Beerstream-1095Bend-Beerstream-1096We picked up the lightest boards we could find, stained and waxed them.

The original accent’s were blue, so that’s what would go with for all our trim.

I got a little obsessed with the details.

Here you can see where i had to do a light sand to remove some corrosion. After a light sanding I put down a nice little polish to clean it up. Bend-Beerstream-1107Bend-Beerstream-1108Bend-Beerstream-1109

I didn’t take too many pictures of the bar process, but it’s solid oak and is on a double hinge, so it stows away for travel.

It came time to transport the Beerstream to Bend, Oregon. After a day of rewiring and adjusting the brakes, we were ready for the road. Oh and we bought a truck just in time.  Bend-Beerstream-1111

I can’t say enough about my parents. They’re just amazing. They have put in just as much time as Abby and I on this project, and can’t thank them enough for all they do for us. Bend-Beerstream-1112

We had a beautiful drive up the east side of the Sierras and even hit a little snow north of Mammoth, in May!  Bend-Beerstream-1113

Getting coffee in Bishop, CaBend-Beerstream-1114Bend-Beerstream-1115Bend-Beerstream-1116Here’s where we started to see a little snow.

Just south of Reno, I had to shop and take a pic of this amazing sunset. Bend-Beerstream-1119

And we made it, still with a lot of work to do.
Bend-Beerstream-1120Making tap handles was actually pretty easy, when we figured it out. 3/8 Drill bit and epoxy. The threads were 80 cents and antlers were found in the hills of Morro Bay. ELY_9378ELY_9379Bend-Beerstream-1121Bend-Beerstream-1122

Making lights was a fun new project. Learned a lot. Bend-Beerstream-1123

June 23rd, almost complete. We just have to build a table, some more cabinets, and another kegerator. Bend-Beerstream-1124Bend-Beerstream-1125How we turned our Airstream into a mobile Beer BarBend-Beerstream-1127Bend-Beerstream-1128Bend-Beerstream-1129

The next Beerstream. location still unknown. Bend-Beerstream-1130We could not have done it with out the help of my amazing parents. My dad had been working on Naval Aircraft for 30 years and there’s nothing my mom can’t do. They took care of the airstream while we were packing up to move to Bend, and we worked on most of the project at their house. So, if you have a wedding or private event coming up in the woods or somewhere fun, give us a ring.

We could not have done it with out the help of my amazing parents. My dad had been working on Naval Aircraft for 30 years and there’s nothing my mom can’t do. They took care of the airstream while we were packing up to move to Bend, and we worked on most of the project at their house. So, if you have a wedding or private event coming up in the woods or somewhere fun, give us a ring.


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