How it Works

Option 1: You rent the Beerstream and you provide the beer of your choice. We keep your beer cold and serve it for you. You can have 4 half barrel Kegs at one time or 6 Slim Kegs at one time. We can also host your other drink options like wine or soft drinks.

Option 2: You invite us to your event and we provide the Beer and an OLCC Beer Permit.



Q: How much does the Bend Beerstream Cost?

A: Our options are customizable to your event. Cost will depend on your event prices start at $200 per hour for beer and wine service. Tell us about your Event HERE for a quote.


Q: Do we serve Cocktails?

A: Definitely, we in a Beer Town, but we would love to make you some tasty cocktails.


Q: Will you serve other drinks for us?

A: Yes, we will serve whatever your location allows. Example: Bottled Beer, Wine, Soda, Coffee, Tea.


Q: How far do you travel.

A: For now we are traveling up to 500 miles.


Q: Do you provide glassware

A: Yes, we currently offer Mason Jars and custom plastic cup options.